Friday, December 16, 2011

MSCRM 2011: Two Errors When Using CRM Developer Toolkit to Deploy Workflow Library

While I was trying to develop a custom workflow library using CRM developer toolkit, I run into the following two errors (actually one at a time, but I am trying to keep the long story short).
Error registering plugins and/or workflows. A validation error occurred. The value of 'isolationmode' on record of type 'pluginassembly' is outside the valid range.
Error registering plugins and/or workflows. Description name must be specified
Parameter name: description
The solution is rather simple. What you need to do is to open RegisterFile.crmregister file (which is essentially an XML file) under CrmPackage project, and make some changes to the file in order to provide enough information for the deployment.
  1. Locate the Solution line of the workflow library in the XML file, add an XML attribute called IsolationMode, and give it a value of "None", so the XML attribute will be IsolationMode="None". 
  2. Located WorkflowType line, and add an XML attribute called Description, and give it a value which is meaningful. 
The following is the screen shot of the file before the change.

After the fixes, the file should look like this.
After you have made the above changes, you should be able to deploy your CRM workflow library in Visual Studio without problem.
Hope this helps if you ever run into the same issue.


  1. Thanks. I ran into this error, and found your post when I needed it. This blog has been helpful more than once as I'm customizing our MSCRM implementation. Nice work. - Tony Bierman