Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Presentation Deck and Demo Code for XrmVirtual Presentation

Thanks to all who have participated in the XrmVirtual session yesterday.

The following is the presentation deck that I used yesterday.

The demo code is also available for download at the following URL.

There are three solutions in the zip file, which are:
  • CrmWebServiceIntegration, this solution contains two projects which show you how to load data from an .csv file to CRM using early bound and late bound programming style. 
  • AzureServiceBus, this solution demonstrates the capability that you can use CRM Azure Service Bus in CRM plugin. In order for the solution to work, you need to first configure a service endpoint using CRM plugin registration tool, that you can use in the plugin code. 
  • OnPremiseServiceBus, this solution hows to send message to Service Bus for Windows Service (on-premise installation) from CRM plugin. 
In order to run the sample solutions, you need to update the configurations in the code. Those changes can be found from the project if you search "TODO" keyword. I have used hard-coded configuration for simplicity reason. 

I used CRM developer toolkit for the two plugin projects. In case you have trouble opening the AzureServiceBus project, it is probably because you don't have CRM developer toolkit installed. And also, I was using Visual Studio 2010 instead of VS2012. If you are using VS2012, you might have trouble to deploy the plugin from Visual Studio environment.

Please note that the sample code is for demonstration purpose, and it is NOT production quality code. 

The presentation's video recording is also available for download on XrmVirtual site if you are interested in the topics. Watching the video, you would have to bear with my accent, and my poor presentation skills.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Presentation on Enterprise Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I will be presenting for XrmVirtual tomorrow by the topic of Enterprise Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The session starts at 9am PST Apr 9th, 2013, and it will first kicks off by CRM SDK team to share with us some more recent updates in the latest SDK release (v5.0.15) related to UR13 and CRM Online updates.

My session will starts right after CRM SDK team's announcements and updates. In the session, I will try to cover some data integration options that you might have when working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects, including CRM SDK programming, Import Data Wizard, ETL, Service Bus, etc. The session will be concluded by sharing some tips and tricks that I learned when working with some large-scale data migration and integration projects, and also some lessons that I learned while designing and developing SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The session has been planned to be a one-hour session which includes CRM SDK team's updates, but I have got the permission from XrmVirtual team that the session can go a little longer (mainly due to the amount of information to be covered in one session), so the entire session could run for about 90 minutes although the original invite is only for 60 minutes.

The following is the download link to the meeting invite, you are more than welcome to join the session if this interests you.

Note that the session will be recorded by XrmVirtual team. If you can't make it, you will still have a chance to view the presentation at a later time. Further information about the session can be found at XrmVirtual website.

XrmVirtual is a user group for professional CRM developers who are passionate about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and is run by two Dynamics CRM MVPs, Julie Yack and Shan McArthur.

See you then!

[UPDATE - Apr 10, 2013] I have uploaded the presentation deck file and demo code that you can download, check out here. The presentation's video recording is also available for download on XrmVirtual site if you are interested. Watching the video, you would have to bear with my accent, and my poor presentation skills.