Friday, May 04, 2012

One and only CRM Ribbon editor that you will ever need

A while back, I blogged about a ribbon editor in the community. Recently another CRM community guru Scott Durow published his toolkit for CRM ribbon customization, which is called Ribbon Workbench.

Scott informed me about the tool soon after he made it available. I promised him that I would write a blog post about his tool, but I never got a chance to write about it. So here is a short introduction of the tool (Scott, I apologize for this overdue blog post).

A few benefits of the tool as far as my experience goes.
  • The tool was developed using Silverlight Web Resources, so it runs within CRM providing you an integrated experience with the application
  • The tool is more stable and more robust, I had never run into any crashes so far
  • The tool has probably the most complete features in terms of ribbon customization. Some important feature that are not commonly seen in other tool include the support of scaling, flyout menu, and many others (For a complete list of all the feature, please check the tool's download page). 
The following is a screenshot of the tool in CRM. 

Note that the tool is a freeware, it is available for download at Scott's company website

I noticed that Tanguy has published a blog post about the tool today, I am just trying to second his sentiment. 

Hope this help. 

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