Wednesday, November 02, 2011

White Paper - CRM Solution Deployment Released

Microsoft Dynamics CRM team has just released another white paper yesterday which covers some typical issues that you may encounter when developing, deploying CRM solutions, the whitepaper has also described some best practices that you can leverage when developing your solution components and promoting the changes across environments.

The following is a brief list of the contents of the whitepaper.

Maintaining Test Environments
    Testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premises Deployments 
    Testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Deployments
        Managing Configuration 
        Managing Data 
        Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trials
Managing Solution Component Dependencies
    Addressing Execution Identity Issues 
    Addressing Workflow Reference Issues 
    Automating the Creation of Users, Teams, and Business Units 
        Creating Business Units and Teams
        Creating Users
    Automating the Creation of Queues 
    Preparing Configuration Data
    Preparing Solution Reference Data 
Upgrading Solutions
Managing Solution Conflicts 
Deploying Solutions

The whitepaper can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center at the following link.
The whitepaper has a lot of valuable information about CRM 2011 solution framework, it's an important guideline document that you should check out.

It should be noted that CRM team has given the whitepaper an interesting name which is extremely long, but what has been discussed in the whitepaper is really about solution deployment.

Hope this help.

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  1. Great info. This is what I need these days. I'll check it out. Thanks a lot!