Sunday, April 03, 2011

MSCRM 4.0 Error: "Record is Unavailable" after CRM Organization Import

I recently ran into an interesting CRM error after I imported a CRM organization. I got the following error when I was trying to navigate to CRM homepage, after the CRM organization was successfully imported.
Record is Unavailable
The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it. 
CMIS Import Organization Error

The solution was actually quite simple, you just have to reboot your server after you have imported a CRM organization. I got stumbled upon this error at least twice recently, so I thought I should blog it in case that in the case that you happen to run into this error too.

I believe the error happens when you try to refresh your CRM environment using the same CRM organization name in Deployment Manager before and after the import. My situation is, I had a CRM organization name called ABC previously. But I need to refresh this particular environment (UAT) by using a full db backup from another environment (Production). So I have to create a temporary CRM organization in my UAT server's Deployment Manager, and then I can import the production db backup in order to use the same CRM organization name (ABC). My sense is the CRM organization name was not changed during the ABC –> Temp –> ABC import process, CRM Web application was on the assumption that nothing has changed, so it didn't try to refresh all cached CRM application data including CRM organization information, metadata, etc., which pitifully caused this error.

I believe you could also resolve this problem by restarting all CRM related services on the CRM server, including IIS, CRM Asynchronous Service, and possibly Email Router, etc. But rebooting is always the easiest solution to try first when we have problems with our computers, isn't it?

Hope this helps.

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  1. I had also received the “Record is Unavailable” error. I had done many customizations to the Order Entity on one CRM 2011 virtual server while my customer got their hardware ready for MS CRM 2011. When their server had CRM 2011 installed I imported the solution.

    All the entities except Orders would allow me to Add New/Save except Orders. After reviewing my code I remembered that I had a Lookup to the PriceList which requires a GUID value in the code. The GUID was for the Development site SQL database tables. Once I changed the GUID to the correct value for the Live CRM installation, the error went away.

    Hope this helps others resolve their problems.