Sunday, March 06, 2011

Taking a Break, and Looking for Business Opportunities

After three years (3 years and 5 months to be accurate) of hard working days with my current employer, I decided to take a short break and give myself a little bit time to think about what I am going to do next.

As a quick retrospect of the last 3 years, I believe I have gained significant experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, .NET, and Enterprise Application Development. I worked hard, thought hard, and made sure that I have been doing the right thing for my project and the applications that I was developing. I tried to discipline myself by leveraging the best practices that I have learned from the community, which has been a great achieving 3 years.

March 31 is going to be my last day with my current employer, which means on April 1st, I will be jobless (What a April fool's day!).

We have a small local community of Microsoft Dynamics CRM development work in the city where I live. What this means is, I might have to go with different development practice, such as .NET, SharePoint (admittedly, I much prefer MSCRM when comparing to SharePoint) or even something totally different (maybe Ruby or Python). In other words, I might be leaving MSCRM community for a short period of time. But I will still try to keep an eye on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, particularly I will stay on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Forum by helping the community whenever I can find time.

Speaking about the business opportunities that I am looking for, I am listing what I can offer to help for MSCRM platform.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architecting
  3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Planning and Implementation
  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration and Data Integration
  5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Document Automation and SharePoint Integration Solution
  6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Training
When it comes to training, most people tend to overlook its importance. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complex business application platform, which requires quite steep learning curve. Training not only helps you save your investment, but also helps you get the job done faster with better quality. I have an extreme passion about writing quality software code (you may argue that I am actually writing poor code, but at least I am trying to be better everyday), so I think I can help build up your team resource in one way or another, by sharing the lessons and experiences that I have learned during the past years.

If you want to offer me a job or a contract work (it doesn't have to be MSCRM), please do so, I am very positive that I can help in certain ways. If in any case that you may want to offer me a technical executive position, you will have to buy me a cup of coffee so that we can sit down and have a talk. ;-)

You may reach me by my personal email at (danielwcai at gmail dot com).


[Update - Mar 23, 2011] I have decided to pursue a local contract position, which is not relevant to MSCRM. Thanks for your time. I apologize if this blog post has caused any confusions in the community.


  1. Good luck Daniel! I think everything will be good!

  2. Thanks for your wish, Andriy.

  3. As a fellow CRM developer, I've found your CRM Web Service Toolkit invaluable. I can't tell you the number of man hours it cuts down on, compared to the syntax error prone soap calls offered by the CRM sdk. Heck, the reason I came to your site today was to check if a new version for 2011 was in the works. Best of luck!

  4. @Henry, thanks for the kind words. I am not currently into CRM 2011 yet, mainly due to the fact that I have got myself exhausted in the recent weeks because we are very close to production date. But I will look into it when I get a chance. Thanks!