Thursday, January 27, 2011

CRM Web Service Toolkit Works for CRM 2011

This is a quick update with regard to CRM Web Service Toolkit. I had a chance to play around with the toolkit on CRM 2011 today, it turns out to be a surprise that the toolkit just works fine on CRM 2011 without requiring any modification. I tried to run all the unit tests that I developed in CrmServiceToolkitTest.aspx page, all tests have passed without any problems.

CRM Web Service Toolkit on CRM 2011

It's not me who has made this magic, but because CRM 2011 provided full backward compatibility with its web service interfaces. However, it's not my recommendation to use the CRM4 style web service interfaces, neither is this the best practice. But since CRM2011 SOAP Endpoint documentation is still under construction (shown below), I think it's not a terribly bad idea to keep using the CRM4 style web service interfaces for the time being, until the SOAP Endpoint details have been fully revealed.

CRM2011 SOAP EndPoint Doc 

Some may argue that we should all use CRM2011's REST endpoint instead since it's a new approach which may be more efficient, but be advised that the REST endpoint is not a full implementation of all CRM services. You are limited to only Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete actions when you use REST endpoint.

I only tested on CRM2011 Beta, but I am relatively positive that the toolkit will work just fine for RC version, most likely the RTM version as well.


  1. Daniel,
    The majority of the code that is still supported by CRM 2011 will/might be deprecated later on. The end-point will remain, however, for the CRM 4.0 WS Calls. Items where people are using the toolkit and still using crmForm.all.whatever.DataValue to set/get properties returned are going to need to use all of the new javascript coding standards set forth in the CRM 2011 build. I would recommend your readers brush up on Xrm.Page and how they might have to re-code for CRM 2011

  2. @Paul, thanks for your comments. I agree with you. That's why I said in the blog post that it's not my recommendation...


  3. Daniel and Paul,
    By using CRM4.0 WS we cannot utilize new functionality provided by MS CRM 2011, so for enjoying new feature and utilizing existing functionality it is needed to use CRM 2011 programming model.

    Azmat Shir

  4. Hi Daniel,
    I tried CrmServiceToolkit.BusinessEntity("email") and CrmServiceToolkit.create(themail) to create a email in CRM 2011. But it seems do not work. I can't fill the attributes "from" or "to" with current user. I'm waiting for your help! Thanx!


  5. Hi Yuan,

    Email entity's "from" and "to" are special fields that the toolkit didn't address properly. I have a private build that has addressed this issue but not fully tested. If you are interested, you can drop me an email, so I can send to you.


  6. Yuan, I can be reached at danielwcai at gmail dot com...