Monday, May 03, 2010

MSCRM 4.0: Adding a Button to a Form Toolbar using Client Script

Usually we add custom button to CRM form through ISV.config customization, but there could be scenarios that you may want to add button on-fly in the form’s onLoad event. Here is the script that just does this job.
 * Add a Button to a CRM4.0 form toolbar using client script.
 * @author Daniel Cai,
function createToolbarButton(btnTitle, btnId, clickAction, imagePath, btnLabel, includeSpacer) {
    var toolbar = document.all.mnuBar1.rows(0).cells(0).childNodes[0];
    var html = (!includeSpacer) ? '' : '<li class="ms-crm-Menu-Spacer" tabIndex="-1">&nbsp;<img style="clip: rect(0px 4px 17px 0px); background-image: url(/_imgs/imagestrips/control_imgs_1.gif); width: 4px; background-position-y: -55px; height: 17px" alt="" src="/_imgs/imagestrips/transparent_spacer.gif"></li>';
    html += '<li id="' + btnId + '" + class="ms-crm-Menu" title="' + btnTitle + '" tabIndex="-1" onclick="window.execScript(action)" action="' + clickAction + '">';
    html += '<span class="ms-crm-Menu-Label"><a class="ms-crm-Menu-Label" tabIndex=-1 onclick="return false;" href="javascript:onclick();" target=_self>';
    html += (!imagePath) ? '' : '<img class="ms-crm-Menu-ButtonFirst" tabIndex="-1" alt="' + btnTitle + '" src="' + imagePath + '" />';
    html += '<span class="ms-crm-MenuItem-TextRTL" tabIndex=0>' + btnLabel + '</span></a></span>';
    toolbar.insertAdjacentHTML("beforeEnd", html);
To call the script, you may simply do this:
createToolbarButton("Test button", "mybuttonid", "myfunc()", "/_imgs/ico_16_4200.gif", "Test button label", true);
The code looks a little messy due to its lengthy html code, but once you have pasted to your file, it shouldn't look too bad. :-)

The parameters that the function accepts are all self-explanatory, hope you can figure out without requiring much explanation.

By the way, this is a re-post of my response to a question on CRM Development Forum.



  1. Your code is stolen without any reference to your blog.

  2. Thanks Andriy for the information. I guess we can't do much about it, I hope it could help his life easier.

    BTW, I totally misunderstood your comment at first sight.

    Thanks Andriy!

  3. very nice code yar.....

    Good work.....

  4. Hi, I put my code to the function myfunc () but does not work. The function I put in the OnLoad event. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

  5. @edudebolivar, you could try to define your function in the following fashion:

    myfunc = function() {


    window.myfunc = function() {

    Hope it helps.

  6. Thanks a lot, now run my code. Happy new year !!!

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