Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Passed MB2-632 CRM 4.0 Applications

I cleared MB2-632 exam today after attending a boot camp a week ago. I did a couple of hours preparation each day in the last 4 days.

It turns out the Application track is much trickier than the CRM 3.0 application exam which I took in 2007. For most of the questions, you should think over and over why the question is asked, and why those options are provided. Trying to understand the scenario is very important. Most questions are scenario-based questions, which test your judgment and knowledge about CRM system.

One thing I appreciate about MS CRM exams is Microsoft CRM team has got a decent training material for you. You should read as much as you can to get yourself prepared, not just for exam purpose, but also for your own long term benefit if MSCRM is a part of your career. The training book provided by Microsoft has got a lot of practices in it, those practices can really help you understand how each CRM feature works. One thing you should challenge yourself during the study is, you should keep asking why MSCRM is working this way, not the other way around. The more questions you ask, the more you understand CRM.

I got a score of 98% (thanks to the boot camp and our tutor Neil), which was a bit surprise for me. For the only one question I missed (total 50 questions), I had an instinct that I should go the other way, but I ended up choosing the wrong answer, which I confirmed after I came back from the exam by looking at the training book. So you should trust yourself when you do the exam.

DISCLAIMER 1: I won't disclose any real exam questions, so please kindly do not ask, thanks.

DISCLAIMER 2: English is not my native language, please kindly excuse me if there is any vocabulary or grammar problem in this post and future posts.

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