Thursday, October 06, 2011

Back to the Field, Offering MSCRM Training and Other Services

After spending the last 6 months working on something which was totally not relevant to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I am pleased to announce that I am now back to the CRM field again.

For this time being, I will be an independent consultant on myself offering full-lifecycle MSCRM consulting services including architecture design, development, consultation, application support/maintenance, training, and etc.

To get the business started, I am currently offering the following 3 MSCRM training services.
Out of the 3 training courses, I want to highlight the development one. This development boot camp is designed to sharpen your CRM development skills and techniques through an intensive 5-day training courses. The training will include some extensive development exercises, practical hand-on labs in order to help you become familiar with CRM programming models, tools, utilities, and SDKs. It's expected that after the training you will be practically comfortable developing, and designing solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. If you are serious about being a professional MSCRM developers in your career, this training is for you.

By the way, I would like to make some clarifications about the business name that I am using. Tata Solutions Inc. was founded 4 years ago by me for my contract work at EnCana in Calgary. It is not the same business that you might have thought of. Here are a little more details about where the business name came from.

When I landed in Canada 4 years ago, I was offered a contract position after my first job interview. I was asked to setup a business in order to take the contract offer. In all honesty, I didn't have any creative ideas at the time, but a word of Tata just echoed in my head then which really clicked to me. That's how I ended up choosing this business name. In fact, I have loved this business name so far, and I have been hoping that I can do something with it. After all, I just ask you to not confuse yourself with another business in the industry. I think the business name shouldn't really matter that much, what really matters is the quality of the work and services done.

Give us a ring at contact at to schedule a time for any of the above training services, or check out our website at to find out more about what we can offer you in terms of your Dynamics CRM development needs.

[Update - Jan 12, 2012] We had a new business name called KingswaySoft to avoid any confusion that we might have had before. The change was motivated by the feedbacks that I have received.

It should be noted that our services offerings are flexible per your business needs. The training services can be tailored to your specific requirements as well.

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