Saturday, June 05, 2010

Looking for Sponsorship of Authoring a Dynamics CRM Development Book

After spending roughly 20 months of hard-working days with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, I thought I had learned tons of lessons that I can share with the community. An idea has been bugging me for a while recently is to author a Microsoft Dynamics CRM development book, I would appreciate if you could help me establish the connection if you happen to know anyone in a publishing house, or ever better you actually work as a publisher.

The idea about authoring a book is not about making me rich, actually I knew that writing a book most likely will not make you rich, but instead it could possibly make me poorer if the book itself sucks. My primary motivation is to share the knowledge and the experience that I have gained during the past nearly two years. I had some struggle in a very hard way at the beginning, so I believe that the lessons that I learned might be able to help new people who come to MSCRM development practice without much knowledge about the platform and its programming model.

What I am planning for the book is a type of development in action, and a recipe one. My intention is to keep bluffing out of the book, but focus on the real-world experience and the best practices of CRM Development. I knew there have been a few very good CRM development books on the market, but I do believe that I can still contribute in a different way. Since CRM5 is on the horizon, I am more interested in writing CRM5 instead of CRM4.

I believe my greatest strength is to make complex thing look simpler most of the time, occasionally I could possibly go the other way due to my technical mind, but it should be very rare case. Even though my MSCRM experience is not significantly long, I had roughly over a decade of IT experience by filling various roles, including Software Engineer, Solution Architect, Team Lead, and Project Manager. I believe I have very good vision about where Microsoft Dynamics CRM could possibly go, how to make best use of the platform, and further more, how to differentiate your technical solutions from your competitors in the market. I have an extreme passion about writing quality software code by leveraging the best practices of the industry. Sometime I may not be able to get it right the first time, but I never gave up learning and improving.

Of course, I am also open to any offer to co-author the book if that works out with the publishing house.

Please drop me a line of email if you have any connection or you are interested in the co-authoring, at danielwcai [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea Daniel, your blog has been a great resource, go for it!

    - Nate